Duke: Christ, it's a robot.Mature

Marty drove out onto 45th.

"Oh, Christ. A Goddam robot," I said. A twenty-foot-tall robot stood in the middle of the road. Since I publicized my powers, crime in this god-forsaken shithole went through the roof, like the bastards WANTED to be caught. So, another goddam robot stood right in my way. I'd rested in the car, so I could teleport again. I grabbed the 10-gauge next to me and teleported above the bastard's head. I grabbed onto a hole next to the jaw and swung around, and put the barrel of the shotgun in the robot's mouth. I fired.

The robot swatted at me. The 'brain' wasn't in the head. I phased out to get a better look at the inside. As I passed through the robot, I saw the man inside, and I got an idea.

I swung around off of the leg. I grabbed a grenade and phased out. I pulled the pin and let go, dropping it right in the guy's lap. I flew through the air, and heard the grenade go off as I landed. The robot's joints creaked and moaned, and it fell down, right on top of a Buick. Marty drove around it and picked me up again.

The End

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