Shard: An introduction to heroism, and crimeMature


After my experience with the car and my higher capabilities in reflexes and in movement. I deduced that the lab that I had woke up in had changed me into something above an human. Or perhaps I had awoken up in a world full of super humans?  Well such trivial question should be left for later, I needed to find out something about me, and where I belong this world. I check through my wallet finding a couple credit cards, I hoped they had money on them. Well I guess I should just try it out at the closest burger joint.

As I walk in the greasy tiles and the smell of more grease and other food products, and perhaps the scent of sweating adolescents . Still despite how gross the look and perhaps ones thoughts can make a food seem disgusting I had to admit I remembered the lovely flavour of a fast food burger.  Waiting in line with no need to hurry and taking in much of the environment around me, someone goes postal and makes the counter explode  and everyone runs in a stampede of fear, I manage to dodge the frightened customers as the dust settles and a big burly man wearing a leather jacket  stands ominously before me.

"Come on I'm in the mood for a brawl which of you punks it gutsy enough to take me on?!" His absurdly low voice hit me with strength nearly making take a step backwards," You the one who is standing there with a stupid look on your face. Are you going to fight me?"

Fear paralysed my body once again, as the man lifted his fists up and I can see an orange energy building up around it.  The man began to charge as  my body didn't move as he got closer with a wide smile of craziness.  There was only a few seconds before I could react.

"Move god dammit!" I screamed in fear at my legs, They did move but not in the way that I expected as I collapsed to the ground and the big burly man lunged past me and exploding the restaurant wall in a giant explosion which sent me  into the kitchen just barely missing the frier and hitting a metal fridge. Holding onto consciousness my body for the first time feels agony emanates from shoulders and chest, a staff member  from the restaurant looks at me in pure horror.  I let out an involuntary groan of pain, and the big guy walks out of the dust grinning.

"I missed." He sounded disappointed, I guess he was expecting a more of a fight. My body quaked as I tried to bring myself in a standing position. Why was I involved in this? Why is this guy just looking for a fight?

"Pathetic, what made you think you could face me?"

"I didn't I was to scared to move." I manage to gasp.

"Hah so you've heard of me?  I'm the great Gatteling Gun!"

" Actually no I haven't" I said trying to not make myself sound cheeky but it was apparent he took it so.

"You pathetic weakling say you haven't heard of a big shot like me your finished!" He goes into a rage the orange energy that had gathered around his fist now covered his body. The staff member lost it and ran for an exit leaving me to this raging exploding lunatic. He runs at me from the short distance with an increased speed but this time even though with my broken bones I was able dodge his attack moments before it making contact with the wall behind me, as I pass him and run as far as I could before I am caught by the shock wave and I'm sent onto the floor gliding speedily into the destroyed part of the restaurant entrance. I manage to use my momentum and get myself back onto my feet panting hard. Mr explody rampages out of the dust coming straight at me, I walk back just barely avoiding all of his punches. I needed to counter him because I didn't know how long I can manage to dodge his attacks.

"Stay put damn you!" He yells going for a kick I jump out of the way noticing my movements are getting faster not slower. Upon  hitting the ground I'm sent back up because of an explosion. Executing  precise movements I safely land on the roof of the building opposite of the street. It was like each second my body was learning how to deal with its environment.  He explodes himself onto my building landing before me.

"I'm tired of this game of running! I'm going to obliterate you into nothing but molecules." The explosive energy that surrounded him began to focus around his fists.  I saw my chance and remembered I carried to magnums in my jacket, Pulling them out as quick as I could. Time begin to slows as I see his fists coming down towards my head, and I see the two silver guns flashing out and my fingers pressing the triggers and the bullets flying out of the barrels and hitting him dead on the chest making his body jolt backwards I press the triggers a few more times and he hits the ground the energy dissipating peacefully from his body,and below me a crowd of people gathering cheering happily knowing I had rid them of a threat, then I collapsed exhausted, and in deep agony.



The End

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