Sam: Information OverloadMature

I stood at the computer. It was built around a steel colum, several monitors around the side with a large controlpoint along the base of the column. Somewhere there was a projector that filled the screen that covered one giant side of the wall. This column stood at the centre of the room. Lining the side and entrance was a large walkway, a ramp leading to this centre on either side. There were more computers against the walkway on the lower levels and monitors. It was fully kitted out with the latest hardware from Bio-Tech, the scientific centre of Era. This was the information centre built for wannabe heroes however and I planned to keep it that way. I moved to another computer near the entrance and placed my palm on it. Instantly it hummed and beeped and began dowloading information from it's designated location... Bio-Tech. It looked like they had a new string of projects that to the unknowing eye had no connections.

I moved to another console and downloaded every last byte from the central computer mainframe of Era.

I revelled as the data flow passed through me. I sent one command and my stream of data flowed into the central Hub. The lights and colours filled my eyes. For a moment I was distracted, so distracted I almost didn't receive the message from Pinnacle. My beauty was informing me of an imposter.

I walked over to the Hub and glanced at the several display pictures on the screen of depicting the satellite information. It seemed the city was alive today with crime and hero work.

Several people tried to get in contact with me but I rejected them all as the computer detected the person beneath the fake exterior. Happily I altered my command and the computer began tapping into phone calls, emails. Again the information poured into me, my eye glowing bright from it.

""Hey" he shouted "Remember me?" For a moment, it didn't, "well this is a very homely looking pad you've got," he noted sarcastically, pointing out the obvious lack of human comforts. His eyes drifted to the boy on the floor. I probably should clean that up.

"I have no need for pointless trinkets," I muttered, "I do not need to eat much, to drink or rest my limbs on a couch as you very well know," there was no accusation, no anger in my flat tone. There rarely was anymore.

"Do you even remember who you are big brother?" he asked, sarcasm dripping from his mouth, especially at the brother part, "do you remember your past, what our parents were like-" for a moment I couldn't. I thought hard, searching through my collective data. I recalled the last vision of the mother and father. I recalled their screaming at me, the woman sobbing as she looked at me. I realised I could not dig into the human part of my mind, I could not remember that because I didn't need it any more. All I felt was the vague pain of that early memory, "I remember, the golden boy, the one who could do no wrong. The one who mummy and daddy adored and waved of to war. The hero, the pinnacle of perfection. His eyes were tortured as he glared at me.

"I'm sure it was devastating for you," I said, "now if you please, I am a very busy man, could you make this quick."

The End

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