Duke Matrix: Being BadassMature

I was so goddamn sick of those thugs that it pissed me off just thinking about them. I chased some sonofabitch into the Mannen building, the tallest building in Era. The bastard slid over the reception counter, smacking a girl with his Christing bag of money, and got in the elevator.

I phased out and passed through the door, and grabbed the elevator cable as soon as I phased in again. I started climbing up. I would've teleported on the elevator, but I'd have nothing left to get back out. I'd been overdoing the teleporting that day. I reached the car.

"Fuck it," I said, and I grabbed my .45. I shot the cable, and enjoyed 5 seconds of free fall. The car chased after me.  I phased out, entered the elevator car, and grabbed the bag of cash. I tipped my hat at the thug and kicked him in the side of the knee. He let go of the bag, and I phased out again. I phased in when I got to the basement floor.

The basement was a cold, concrete circle of hell. I called Marty's cab.

"Ehh, Duke! How's it goin?" Marty asked.

"Can you pick me up in the basement of the Mannen building? I'm out of juice."

"Sure thing, Duke-o."

"Aight. Don't tell anyone, but you get a big-ass tip today." I hung up. I sat down, leaning against the hopeless pillar that kept half of the goddam building up. There were only two or three cars in the whole parking lot, so that you could have a game of hockey in the basement without any trouble. Marty's Lamborghini Gallardo sped in and stopped in front of me. I opened the door and gave Marty a hundred.

"Bring me to my place."

The End

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