Shard: I am Shard?Mature


It was dark it was always dark, and that's all I did know but suddenly my world was changing.... Something bright was burning through into the darkness. What was it, suddenly the darkness was overwhelmed by the brightness, and I could feel unworldly sensations all over. I begin to hear a beeping noise beside me in the blur of the brightness. My head was hurting from mass overload of feeling, but my sight began to clear as I saw something hanging above me emanating the brightness, out of the blue I knew what it was, it was called a light,and beside me is a heart monitor,and telling by the sound my heart was  beating pretty fast. I rip out  wires and sit up on the cold metal table that I was lying on. Moving felt a bit awkward, but things were coming back to me,  I know I was human, and I know the names of objects near me, and perhaps intelligence, but I had no memory of who I am, and where I am.

As I slide off the table I notice a stiff material underneath the long blue trench coat I was wearing. Undoing the buckles on the trench coat I find to guns and armour. I took one out examining the text to find it was called a desert eagle , and also taking the time to admire the quality of the workmanship of the designs all along it. I place it back in its place, and look around what I guess would be called a lab for any evidence to what I am, and who I might be. In the five minutes I searched I found nothing until when I bend over to examine a metallic lock box that was on the floor, a wallet fell out my jacket, which I desperately grab and open up to find a few cards and more importantly a drivers license reading.

"Shard Decloak, age 24" But unfortunately the rest of the information on the card was obvious like the colour of my hair and my weight. I look back at the lock box which sat oddly on the ground in the corner of the all to bright lab. Without much thought I take one of the desert eagles and aim at the lock hitting it dead on and sending the lock box across the room spewing its contents of surgical devices and needles, but one thing stood out a document , with a picture attached to it. Intrigued I pick it up to find it was addressed to me.

" Dear subject 15 or would you rather be called by your name? Shard. Anyways it doesn't really matter. Getting to the point the picture attached is your target you're to find him before he finds you. And when you do find him make sure you kill before he notices you, because he has the same objective the only difference is to kill you.  Keep in mind this could be years from now or a few minutes from when you read this message but I would suggest you keep this picture of him in your pocket. Sorry to alarm you but both of our well beings depend on your actions now. Sincerely yours



Sorry to keep my real name anonymous, but I wouldn't want you to go looking for me. "

I read the document over a few times trying make more sense out of it but I couldn't I pocketed the two Items and looked towards the two silver heavy duty doors that looked like they were meant to survive a nuclear blast, still made operable by the silver turn wheel which took little strength to turn and open the heavy door to reveal a baron but very similar looking hall made of silver. Obviously the architect of the building really like the look of shiny silver and the look of squeaky clean insane asylum. Walking through labyrinth of silver halls and other vault like doors I find an exit which consisted of spiral stairs with a beautiful mahogany door at the top. Behind the door was a busy the view of a busy city street defying the cold night,and keeping the silence at bay. The mahogany door slams shut behind me, and I turn around nearly frightened out of my skin.  I try to open it again but the knob would not even budge a milometer. I give up in frustration looking back to the city street.

Where am I?  I look at the address of the building I had just left 5132 Velocity street. I burned the address into my memory before walking towards an intersection, where things went awry as a head on collision took place and the more cars began to smash together making a symphony of heated,and metal scraping each other at a decent speed. A car ahead of me swerves out off the road and begins to to come at me with no signs of stopping.  My body freezes until moments before impact where something in my head snaps and I find my self placing my palms on the hood of the car in slow motion, and lifting rest of my body in a handstand. The action then smoothly turns into a roll over the car's roof and landing safely back on the pavement as it hits a pole behind me.

Even though I had only be conscious for maybe an hour something told me those actions were beyond normal.


The End

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