Sebastian: Roof JumpingMature

The target has been in my sights for a while now, he just doesn't seem to be doing anything. But he knows where 'he' is, and I needed to know as well. I used my hand grapple to get across the street in the most discreet possible way. Then he seemed to go into an alleyway... Perfect.
He was looking around carefully, almost as if he knew I was here, but he continued walking forward. I jumped off the building, and making a large thumping noise as I hit the floor. It caught his attention, by that time I ran out of his view, behind a near by dumpster.
He came over to the crater, looking around suspiciously, I could see that he was saying something but i couldn't hear quite well. It was obvious that he was one of the guys I was looking for. That meant that i could attack.
I ran toward him, and punched him in the face, which took him directly to the floor. As he rolled around holding his face I grabbed him by the neck. I made my hands turn into incredibly strong and black ones; they gave me increased strength. I threw him at a wall, making the wall break, and him dropping to the floor, most likely unconscious.
I grabbed him by the neck again, putting my other hand onto his head, and crushing it. His body and blood started squirting and squirming around, some black chords connected his body into mine and his DNA was stored into my body as well.
I could feel his knowledge flowing into my mind, his thoughts were mine. I knew everything he did. He had a family, sounds like i have a place to go after I'm done.

I made my way back to where he started, according to his memories. I entered a big looking building, and wandered the variety of corridors until, i came up to a door where i could see a man, on a computer. Or at least, it looked like a man, he had a glowing eye. Possibly because of the computer screen glowing into it. As i was about to walk in i noticed a child, laid on the ground. He looked almost completely lifeless, and he was breathing weirdly.

I walked into the room, the guy still hasn't noticed me yet. I switched into my real form...
"Hey" I shouted "Remember me?"

The End

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