The Sadistic Minds of Samuel AshfordMature

"Ravenwolf, there are six goons headed from the northeast quadrant, turn left now or it'll get ugly and fast!"

"Got it Pinpoint, headed West now."

"Good, I'll keep you posted... Wotcher, what is your position, you've slipped under my radar... a tricky feat even for you."

"Sorry, gone underground, ain't no way I'm chancing this in broad neon-light!"

"That just leaves you Captain Alpha, how are my streets looking?"

"Your streets?" he laughed, "when do you ever go on the streets kid?"

"We'll save that conversation for a more appropriate time I think," I smiled inwardly. My hands continued to touch the panel. It had buttons sure, but I didn't need those old-fashioned things. The flow of electricity to and from my brain was ecstatic.

The light flashed suddenly in Pinnacle Point. Everything went dark except the occasional thrum of red light, "not to alarm you guys, but I have unexpected company, who the hell is calling at this time?"

"If it's Metallicar, tell him it wasn't me that wrecked his cars, it was the cops and I am not paying him back... dammit I have kids and a wife!" Wotcher joked in mock horror.

"Easy for you to joke, all you've got to deal with are a couple of measly thugs!" I retorted. I switched the eye to night vision. It was quite disconcerting to register both normal pitch-black vision and eerie green vision. I searched the open space. There weren't many places to hide in this Headquarters, "come out little interloper... or I'll flush you out!" there was no reply, yet the flashing was becoming more insistent.

I thought I saw a shadow at the entrance, but when my eye blinked, it wasn't there. I quickly relayed my footage on the eye. There was definately an anomaly.

I touched the computer again and instantly, gas began to poor through the vents, flooding the room. More data and information poured through my mechanical mind. I shut my eye at the strange sensation. The computer had no idea what or who it was. I growled and prowled through the room. Again there was a temporary flash of shadow. It disappeared. I whipped round, knowing that something had passed right by me. I had the feeling that it was going to happen again and prepared myself. I held out an arm as the now familiar cold sensation gripped the back of my neck.

Whatever it was fell to the floor and moaned in pain. Running full pelt into solid metal would hurt anyone.

I looked down at the intruder, "it certainly isn't Metallicar" I activated my in-built comms, then deactivated as I glanced at the boy. The eye whirred, the camera rotating and taking in the details with it's advanced identification. The eye bustled with information that was irrelevant to me. Age, prints, a name, a psychological profile. My mech mind logged all this, but the real good stuff was just out of reach. So I stepped forward, "let's get a closer look shall we," I smiled malicously, my eyes glinting with the approaching pleasure, "this will hurt, I can assure you," I laughed as I placed my hand on his head. He screamed out in pain, then his, now glowing red, eyes rolled into the back of his head. The stream of information poured into me. There was the usual story, the cry for attention, to prove himself against society. Trying to tackle the big leagues all on his lonesome. Pathetic.

I sneered at the worthless child that lay at my feet, sweating and writhing.

"I've downloaded what I can," I explained, though I was sure he wouldn't be listening, "so now I'll just delete the worthless junk," with that, I felt the shot of electricity run through me. At my command it entered his mind, wiped it clean.

He lay completely motionless, faintly breathing. There wasn't really anything to him now...

"Guys," I opened comms, "it's happened again," I feigned worry, "he's had a bad reaction to the gas... burns everywhere," I stared down at him and shut down comms again. The eye glared at him, I felt the heat surge through my cornea and charge for a moment before it screamed from my eye and onto his motionless body.

I stood up, "lights," I commanded, and they returned to normal.

"Dammit Pinpoint, you've got to get that sorted!"Captain Alpha ordered.

"Yeah, sure thing."

The End

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