In a time not to far ahead of our own, there are people with powers, you can live in secret or be out in the open, you can be enemy of the government or friends, you can fight for good and evil, right or wrong or just for the sake of it. Create a person with a power!

Powers Part 1 - Rise of the Superbots

In an alternate universe, in a time slightly ahead of our own, the world is riddled with people with powers and people without. The knowledge of powers came about during the second world war at the height of national patriotism, but as the war ended and patriotism dwindled, so to did the relationship with those with powers and those without.

The City of Oceanus, an Island between Long Island and Conneticut, is where  many of the greatest heroes and villain reside and where a constant battle between the two is being waged. One of the most prosperous and advanced cities, it is also one of the most dangerous therefore Oceanus is always looking for new people to fight the good fight.

NOTE: I know it's quite intimidating to see a large collaboration and think... no way I'm reading that or I'm not joining, it's too far in... but this collab doesn't work like that, if you feel perturbed by the sheer size, check out the summary of the story, judge and then try, even though it is long, the chapters aren't too big and there are some awesome nuggets in here. Secondly, if you wanted to join but thought we were too far in, join anyway. The beauty of this story is that it is long, but you can do your complete own thing as long as you read whats currently happening (ie last few pages) and check out whats gone on before in the summarys in the author guidance. Otherwise, you can make your own story line and draw others in if you wish. Just do what the heck you want and have fun! An epic story isn't created by one persons view of an apocalypse, it's about everyones small contribution whether it's focusing on the world ending or a small blossoming relationship. As previously stated, be who you want to be and make this something special by simply adding your say!


At the far West is Oceanus Harbor, branching off this is Harborton, a small fishing/boating part of town with a roaring tourist trade. Harborton presides within a valley, on either side are two large cliffsides, the northern cliff is home to an old manor on its own. The south cliff houses a series of rich, modern houses and at the peak, a lighthouse known as Pinnacle Point.

At the far north is Seaside Boulevard, a large stretch of beaches where several high-end shops can be found. The eastern side of Oceanus is high up with another cliff which at it's peak stands Throckmortons Mental Institute. Throckmorton is an Englishman who lived two hundred years ago. Near the end of his life, he began to suffer from severe paranoia and refused to be near the institute. He eventually left America to return home and the mental institute fell into disrepair. 50 years ago, one of Throckmortons ancestors reopened it after visiting Oceanus, though he remains in England, he often returns to continue his ancestor's more sadistic experiments. Near this is Clifton Prison, a high security correctional institute which has been renevated to home Superhumans. 

At the heart of the city is Central Square, also the hub of business and news. Central Square is where one can find Oceanus Times, Oceanus TV and several of the best restaurants, Pictures and malls and other important business places. Next to this is Thornfang park, named after a past Senator who was assassinated there. Here can be found Oceanus General to the East and the sprawling campus of Thornton University to the West. Deeper South is Downtown, a poor area of Oceanus. Although it has long been neglected, the area is small as Oceanus is a rich and prosperous city. In between Central Square, the park and Downtown is the future sight of the Walker Inc building.

The End

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