Ellie: Strange Things

Sandy pretends that she's new. What an eye roller. She does that to every supply teacher. I wonder when the supply teacher will notice that her name is on the register. 

"Is it me or did the room just get darker?" Sandy asks from next to Grace, making me jump out of my skin. Why is it that I keep not noticing when people sit in their seats? I mean, I just watched her enter the room. I did not see her cross it. And I was watching her. 

"I have no idea. Whenever I think about the light it seems to change. Do you think that's strange?" I say to her.

"You've always been strange, Ellie" she says.

"Fair point. I think I'm being especially strange today. That's two people who just appeared in their seats today. Oh yeah, did you just disappear?"


"That's strange. Ellie can control the light, Sandy can turn invisible. Next we're gonna find out that I can levitate!" Grace says with just a little too little sarcasm. "Let's see what strange things this lovely boy can do" she turns to Matthew.

The End

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