So I wake up thinking it's training day and you know, it could be, but of course, it isn't. Thankfully, I'd noted down the days my teacher is absent and today happened to be a day that my teacher is absent, which seems to be most days. Anyway, rumours say that she has plastic surgery appointments. She is fifty years old after all, why not?

I trip down the stairs before brushing myself down and making sure I did not wake my mum up, who does night shifts. All seems clear so I toast a waffle and jog to school.

After signing in, noting that many people in my form were late too, probably taking advantage that our normal teacher isn't here, I enter my maths class and smile brightly at our supply teacher.

"And who might you be?" He stares at me rather rudely with his arms folded.

I give him an innocent smile and reply loudly so everyone could hear, "Oh, I'm Cassandra Clear. I'm new here." I hear a few muffled giggles from my classmates and secretly wink at Grace. She grins back.

"Well Cassandra, welcome to this...uh... lovely school. Where would you like to sit?"

"Oh sir, I'm allergic to the dark." A quiet snort comes from our supply teacher. "Is it alright if I sit near the window behind the lovely girl in the yellow dress?"

"Yes, off you go." I smile as widely as I can and walk off to join my friends.

The End

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