Okay that was bad. I mean I know I couldn't have got caught but there's always that slight chance that time begins to move again.

Uh, I need to learn to wake up early. I mean I haven't been to school in ages. I skipped a whole year. Just of school not of learning.

I mean it wouldn't have been good me going to school last year. I mean with me continuously pausing time by accident. I think I remember pausing the teacher.

Oh well. I've got control of it now. I have to consentrate to pause time around me but keep the rest inside my body which is causing my body to not age even though I know for a fact I can get hurt.

I mean last year I broke my arm. Took me three whole days to learn I could have rewinded the breakage on my arm and by then I already had a cast so I just had to wait it off.

"Um, do you have a pen I can borrow?" I ask turning to the girl next to me. Hmm, she seems quite nice.

"Oh..." She says searching in her pencil case. "Here" She hands over a biro then gets back to the work set..... Ah, crap Algebra.

I'm good at it just don't like doing it. I sigh heavily and I think that was the wrong idea cause I got a evil glance from the teacher.

I drop my head and begin on the boring work.

The End

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