"Lights out Ellie!" Mum yells up the stairs for the third time.

"My lights are out!" I yell back. My lights have been out for the past half an hour.

"Do not lie to me Ellie. I can see the light under your bedroom door" 

"How can you when I haven't got my light on?"

"That's it. I'm coming up there to check, young lady" well come then. When the door opens, the room gets slightly darker (darker!?), even though the light from the hallway is now shining in it. "Oh, sorry" then she shuts the door.


I put on my yellow dress, it's sunny today. I've always liked yellow. Dunno why. I just have. It's a sunny colour. 

OK, so, naturally, I have no-one to greet when I get to school. Never have. Never will. Oh, and of coarse, I'm late. I quickly sign in and walk to my form room.

"And who are you?" the supply teacher, who's in place of our constantly absent form tutor, demands.

"Ellie" I sigh.

"Ellie who?"

"Ellie Tirzah" 

"Thank you. Please sit down" he snaps. so I go and sit at the desk at the back of the classroom, wishing the blinds could open so that there would be more light in this hell hole of a classroom. The room gets just that little bit lighter. Strange... Maybe the sun got brighter? There is no way someone like me could do something like make light appear. No way. At all. D'you know what's even stranger? That I didn't notice when the place next to me got filled. It's as if they just appeared. Maybe time stopped and they sat there before it started again, or maybe they were invisible (or maybe I just didn't notice them). Ah well, the bell just went. Time to learn the algebra that we've been doing for the past month...

The End

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