Powerful People

The title says it all

OK, well. I haven't actually thought this through yet.

And I'm not actually expecting this to go anywhere.

But anyway, here's what I've got so far:

Characters (with powers) are:

Ellie - Light (Ellie means Light)

Eric - Hypnosis (Eric means 'honoured ruler'... it kind of fits)

Cassandra - Invisiblity (Cassandra means She Who Is Ignored)

Thomas & Tasmine- Self Cloning (Both names mean 'Twin'. You don't have to write both)

Grace - Flight (According to my names website, Grace has nothing to do with flight. But the author asked for flight and I thought that was OK)

Matthew - Time Control (I have no idea what Matthew means. The website isn't being very helpful)

Anyway, take your pick.

The End

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