The Welcome Wagon

Pippa woke to the bright sunlight streaming its way onto her face, highlighting the dust motes, colouring them iridescent and  twirling in the air.

She moaned. Too bad she was in the senior years and a class representative. Pippa had tried to shed off the representative role for eight years now, but each and every time the teacher in charge had assigned her the position, citing her ability as the reason.

One of her responsibilities were to make sure all the girls in her dormitory woke up and made it to class on time. She was like a surrogate mother this year.

She dressed quickly, slipping into the uniform easily, brushed her teeth and dashed out the door. She screeched to a halt in the hallway, and backtracked slowly. No, those suitcases weren't there yesterday, nor were those slippers and just who on earth was under those covers!

She must be new, Pippa thought. I'll let her sleep and wake her last.

"Wake up!" she called, banging open the door and waking the girls brusquely. "Be in class on time, naked or not!"

They all groaned and cursed her as her ability took hold of them and they had no other choice.

"Wake up!" she poked her head in and saw a girl with the ability of negation. "Kara! Make sure Mia wakes up and gets to class on time or smack her until she does!"

Mia had once been quite a troublemaker because Pippa couldn't make sure she followed the rules, but Pippa found her away around that. If Mia couldn't follow rules, Pippa could use her ability on Mia's friends to make sure she did.

Pippa stretched her arms out in front of her. She was finally done, not including the new girl.

"Wake up," she nudged the girl. A blonde head popped out of the covers and light blue eyes blinked confusedly at her.

"Mmm," she pouted, squinting in the sunlight.

"Are you new? Have you got your uniform? You have to get to class or you'll be in trouble," Pippa questioned. The girl looked at least two to three years younger than her. Maybe she was close to Noah's age.

"Uniform? Oh... yes.. hello," she mumbled sleepily.

"Hi, I'm Pippa, you really have to get up or I'll use my ability on you," Pippa threatened gently.

"Okay, don't look," she said as she crawled out of her covers and began to change.

Why would I want to look! Pippa thought, but she turned around and fixed her hair in the mirror before she started tapping her foot.

"What's your ability?"

"Stealing and insertion," the girl answered, her voice muffled by the clothes. "I'm Anya." 

"Done? Fantastic! I'll take you to breakfast and introduce you to some juniors," Pippa offered.


"Pippa!" Noah was already sitting, a large bowl of cornflakes in front of him.

"Hey kid, this is a new girl, Anya, she might be in your class so take care of her okay? I gotta dash and makes sure everyone's quiet before the teacher comes in," Pippa hurried, stealing Noah's spoon and taking large mouthfuls of his cereals. She quickly combed his scruffy hair with her fingers, turned around, waved and dashed off, yelling instructions at unruly students along the way.

The End

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