The New Girl.


Walking up to the front of the dark, silent school, Anya silently levitated her suitcase and tip-toed, being careful not to gain any attention, since she was already extremely late. Since the delays on the train, Anya dreaded the thought of all the girls whispering about her and why she wasn't on time. Thinking to herself, she has to face it anyway, so she might as well get it over with. As she walked in, a lady with wavy plum hair walked over with a key in her hand.

'Hi there. You must be Anya Waters! I'm Miss Holly, I'll guide you to your room in the dorms. There should be an information pack there and you'd be sharing with Miss Philippa. She's older than you, so she'll show you the ropes.' she said, handing Anya a key with a little key-chain attached of the school crest. 

'Thh-thanks.' She replied, having her timidness kick in. 

'So I'm guessing your power is Levitation?' Said Miss Holly, pointing and grinning at the floating suitcase.

'Oooh I totally forgot about that, and no. I have stealing and insertion, but I passed a kid with levitation and thought it might be handy, so yeah.' She said, lowering her bright blue converse suitcase.

'Wow! That's one of the most rarest powers that you come across! Excellent. Well then, I guess we should be heading up to the girls dorm. Follow me.'  

They both then made their way to the girls dorm, and Anya's new room.

'Tomorrow is sunday, so no school and Miss Pippa already knows that your arriving. She'll help you out as much as you can, but since she's in a different grade than you, I'll assign someone from your form to show you where your classes are. Good night!' said Holly, waving goodbye before leaving down the dark corridor. 

Looking inside her new room, it seems like her side was on the right, so she pulled out a random pair of pjs, stuffed her suitcase in the very spacious wardrobe and jumped onto her already-made bed.

Because she noticed she was different from everyone else when she was younger, Anya has always felt left out and alone, making her confidence very low. She was use to transferring schools because she was constantly bullied, but was always nervous in meeting people, and had never really had real friends. Slowly getting changed, Anya quickly looked inside the pamphlet before she went to bed. 

Hopefully this school was different from all the others she had been to, she thought, whispering a mini prayer to herself before going to sleep without waking up Plilippa. It was, like 2am though, so she doubted that much would wake up the deep sleep that Pippa looked like she was in.

Morning hit her like a wet sponge had been thrown at her face.

The End

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