"You best behave," a voice rang in Nick's ears. Instantly, it felt as though his body wasn't his own. His hand recoiled and his hands pushed into his pant's pockets. 

"Sure," he growled at her through gritted teeth, her power is persuasion. Dangerous girl, lock her up. He narrowed his eyes at her and turned away, walking down the hall. When he was just out of sight, he teleported back to an indent in the wall, listening as the Persuasion girl with long blonde hair scolded the other kid. 

"Don't ever provoke him again. You know you deserved it," the girl said, almost condescending. "I saw everything." She glared pointedly at the boy who was trying to catch his breath on the floor. Nick gritted his teeth and his hands balled into fist as he teleported back into his dorm room.

His black laptop back and suitcase sat neatly placed on the bed to the left of the room. Sighing he released all his tension and began to rummage through his bag. A smile cracked on his face as his fingers traced a small collection of pictures. 

Two people were in every photo and each setting was from around the world; England, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, America, and many more. One figure was short always with a large smile on his face, that was Nick. The other was was his older brother, Ryan. He was always the one that Nick looked up to, the one who taught Nick how to Jump (teleport) and many places where to go to. Nick closed his eyes and pushed the photo's away, too many painful memories followed the happy ones. 

"Hey, 528...right," Nick spun around and his eyes widened then immediately narrowed. The kid out in the hall was standing on the ceiling. It was the kid who had floated away on the balloon. 

"Yea," Nick murmured sitting on his bed, glaring at the kid. The last thing he wanted was to be roomates with a kid who was so spaced out he looked stoned. "You can have that bed over there, just stay out of my way and don't touch my stuff. Got it? Look, I like my space and if you plan on bothering or teasing me I'm gonna teleport you to the top of the Eiffle Tower and let you drop."

He eyed the kid angrily before teleporting back up to the bell tower. The moon had just broken the horizon, coating the school yard in a glowing white light. Nick yawned and curled up under the bell, one nights rest under the stars would ease his anger...and maybe even bring back his dreams. If only my brother were still here...

The End

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