Up the Wall with Noah.



Luke found himself nodding off, forgetting he was in mid-air. He caught himself a bit too late and landed heavily on the floor. He heard footsteps running up behind him.

'Luke? Luke! Are okay?' A girls voice cried, Luke stood up slowly, taking his time as usual. About a minutes later, he was onto sweeping dust off his yukata.

He peered into her face, frowning, 'ah...yeah.. I'm fine...'

'You really should sleep more!' The girl sighed, shaking her head.

'Ah... yes... I should...' He looked at her hard, trying to recall her face, 'umm... yeah... I... I don't think I know you.'

The girl let out a heavy sigh and her shoulders sagged, 'I'm Pippa. I've been the one who keeps you out of trouble since you first came here, dopey!'

'Oh.. I can remeber... now... I think...' Luke said, recalling some blurry memories.

'Luke!' A young voice which Luke couldn't define as male or female cried out.

'You...' Luke began, '...who are you...?'

'I'm Noah! Jeez, your memory is really bad!'

'Oh... yeah... sorry...' Luke hung his head, feeling sheepish, his long dark hair fell in front of his eyes, Pippa and Noah laughed it off, they were used to this every year.

Luke was just one of those people who shut out everything, to put it bluntly, he's a dopey git.

'You should get going, Noah, you go with him, make sure he doesn't get lost or something!' Pippa sighed, pushing the scrawny boy towards Luke.

'Um...yeah... Noah, shall we... take a shortcut?' Luke asked the young boy, taking Noah's hand. Noah looked at Pippa with worried eyes.

'Don't worry, as long as you make sure he doesn't fall asleep, you'll be fine.' Pippa laughed loudly.

Luke bent down, an indication that Noah should climb onto his yukata-clad back. Noah scrambled on cautiously, and yelped and held on tightly as Luke began to walk up the wall... vertically.



The End

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