Behave and Be Free


Philippa Lyon walked down the hallway of the boy's dorm with the authority only one with the persuasion ability could possess.

"You best behave," she cautioned.

One of the newer students had teleported into the residence, his hand threatening to choke another student by the force in his palm or by the weight of the student being choked. The new student recoiled his hand as though he was touching an abominable germ, and the blubbering student toppled onto the floor. 

"Sure," the new student answered through gritted teeth. His alert, green eyes narrowed at her. Suspicious that the answer he offered was not his own at all. And he was right.

The new student cast a wary glance at her, and walked towards his dorm, coolly and calmly, never looking back.

"Don't ever provoke him again. You know you deserved it," ordered Pippa. "I saw everything." Pippa glared pointedly at the boy who was trying to catch his breath on the floor. 

"Yes, Pippa," he submitted. His eyes cast downward in shame.

"Hi Pippa," Noah, one of the younger boys, and one of her favourite juniors called out to her. 

She ruffled his turquoise hair fondly. He had been at the Academy since he was very young, and he was still young at thirteen years of age. They had resided in the Academy together for so long, that they treated each other like real siblings, albeit siblings who didn't argue. Only god knows how rare that is.

"Oh hey Noah," Pippa cooed. "Do you know who your teachers this year will be?" 

"No-pe," Noah answered, scratching his hair. "Luke's back though, and then there's Mercer. It should be interesting in the senior years."

"Mercer?" Pippa looked backwards, the boy with the green eyes and messy black hair was long gone. 

"That's all he said, wasn't very friendly," Noah chewed on his cheek.

"Aw Noah, that's cause half of you are juniors, and then," Pippa cast a glare at the the boy who caused trouble on the first day. "Half them are idiots."

The pale, skinny younger boy laughed freely, as Pippa smiled fondly. "Well, I've finished my rounds here, I have to get back to the girl's dorm before its dark. See you round, 'kay?"


As Pippa stepped out into the cold, her gaze settled upon a very obvious Luke in the sky, clutching the string of a balloon and dressed in his signature yukata. Pippa found his presence soothing, even though all the boy offered were loosely connected strings of ums and ahs. He seemed blissful and unrestricted, innocent and pure. Pippa longed for all the students to be like him, to remain as pure and innocent as before they entered through the large iron gates.  

Pippa walked through the expansive grounds of the beautiful Academy, these well traversed paths that were all she knew of the world were both a treasure to her and spit in her face. It was her home, and anything she had ever known but how her stubborn, strong-willed personality longed to explore! To be free! 

The End

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