Nick lazed atop the top of the school, just under it's ancient brass bell. It was a lovely place to escape the beginning of the year...and everyone else. He laid on his back and tilted his head to look out the large opening. The view it gave him was breathtaking, the people both parents and students looked like ants. Some hurried, others mingled and hung around their parents.

Nick sat up and leaned against the bell, a small form was rising up toward him. From far away he looked like a girl with long brown hair and light brown eyes. The kid was floating using a tiny balloon, Either he can change his weigh or gravity has no hold on him.

The kid gave him a light wave and moved off towards the boys dormitories. Nick scoffed at the kid and stepped off the edge of the bell tower. The  wind wiped around him and howled in his ears. Screams and gasps came from below him as parents, students, and staff watched. 

He smiled and teleported, landing quietly and gracefully on the ground before the group. Teachers ran and pushed through the group sighing with relief when they saw Nick unharmed. 

"What's your name?!" One of them shouted. Nick raised and eyebrow and teleported to a statue just to the left and above everyone. His eyes glared at the group, he hated them...all of them. How they payed attention to him, watched him with awe and wonder. Seeing his ability as something amazing, it wasn't it was just something he was born a normal part of himself. 

"Mercer," he said flatly and teleported to the front of the boy's dorm. Many of the guys around him were grouped up, talking and laughing. Nick pushed through them, causing some to eye him angrily others while others whispered about him.

"Freak," one said. Nick turned to the kid and eyed him, lightning flickering under his skin. 

"Say it again," Nick said calmly. The kid and his friends around him laughed and the kid sneered in his face. 

"FREAK!" the guy laughed his his body shifting many different colors. Chameleon ability. The hint of a smile pulled at the edge of his lips as Nick's hand wrapped around the kid's throat. Instantly, the two teleported back atop the bell tower. The kid screamed his feet just barely holding him on the edge.

"I'm a freak huh? Go ahead...say it again." The kid shook his head vigorously and begged for him to be taken back. 

"Hey..Chill...chill out man. It was just a joke." Nick sighed and teleported them back to the dorm building. 

"I don't joke." he said plainly and walked away, dreading who his roommate might be.  

The End

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