Power to the Children

Luke sat on the side of the wall,  peering down at the people who passed by, guessing what their powers would be by looking at their faces, and their suitcases. He glanced up his own which was perched on top of the wall, because he'd discovered that he can't transfer his anti-gravitational power to inanimate objects, only other people.

'Luke, your power is wonderful, but it worries parents, especially your own when you sit on the side of the wall instead of the side.' Headmaster cried, looking up at the boy.

'Oh...yeah...sorry...' Luke said, looking at the headmaster intently in a way that sent shivers down the jittery teachers spine.

'Please, just go to your dorm.' He said finally, sighing, shaking his head and walking off.

'Hey, why are you sat there?I'm the student council president, and please go to your dorm!' A girl with long green hair asked, it looked as though it was moving and she was wearing thick lenses on her glasses in a way that didn't make her eyes bigger, but shrank them.

'Oh...yeah... Because... I was tired...and... I shall go later... I'm tired...' Luke said slowly, taking his time to get this words out, the girl looked at Luke oddly before strutting off angrily.

Because Luke knew if he stayed in his current position, he'd be chided even more, he stood up(vertically) and walked up the wall(also vertically) to get his reasonably small suitcase which only contained his underwear, several blue yukata's, cropped black pants, two sets of pyjama's, one school uniform that was several sizes too small, some shoes and a bathroom set. That was his suitcase for the year and a half that the students of Balltons Academy for the Gifted stayed for.

He sighed heavily, and looked down at a girl who was clutching a red baloon, trying to shape it into some sort of animal. Luke stared at her before jumping down from the 15 meter high wall he was standing on.

'Oh...hello... is that a helium balloon?' Luke asked the girl, she was wearing heavy clown make-up(magician... Luke thought), she nodded.

'Yes, why?'

'Can I have it?'

'Um.. okay...' She handed him the balloon, he stared at it for a second.

'Do you... have any string?' He said finally after a long stare at the balloon.

'Yeah, here.' The girl handed him a long piece of string and Luke tied it round the end. The clown-girl watched him curiously, wondering what he was going to do next.

'Please give... this suitcase to... a boy... and tell them to drop... it in the Boys Dorm Lobby... thankyou...' Luke put the suitcase at her feet lightly as she nodded, gasping in surprise as he lost all body weight and floated upwards with the balloon.

'Thank...you...' He called down, adjusting his weight so he was heading in the direction of the Boys Dorm.

Yes indeed, he was a strange boy, taking things at his own pace. But Luke was Luke, as much as the grass is green.

The End

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