♪Melody's Logic ♪

I followed Eliza grudgingly through the pools of gore we'd created. My trainers were soaked to the sole in blood, and it gave my feet an unpleasant feeling. I think it was now obvious why Eliza was in the schools "Special Section", she really was a genius in the making -- and not just a musical one.

We padded through the schools grounds, baring uttering a word. The only noises in the whole place were our short, quiet breaths which would never be heard by the ears of the dead.

'Kitchen.' I hissed, dancing out of the way as one of them crossed my path. Eliza gave me a sharp nod and we changed direction, jogging silently towards the canteen.

Once we reached the door, we peered through the windows on the heavy double doors, squinting through the almost-opaque glass. And much to our dismay, around ten students had barricaded themselves in there, all of them clutching kitchen knives and evil-looking shards of glass. I sighed and slumped against the door.

'Melody, if we get past the sixth form block without trouble, then we can get into the kitchen through the back doors.' Eliza muttered, eyeing up a zombie as it swayed dangerously close to us.

But our necklaces didn't glow, so we weren't in any major danger.

We sneaked through the double-doors which led to the science block and took a right turn to the door which was only available to sixth formers and teachers. But I think we can have the exception today.

'Gyack!' Eliza cried out an indistinguishable word as she hurtled right into a zombie.

It took note of her being there and grabbed her arm with it's unnatural strength. Eliza cried out in pain as her wrist made a sickening cracking noise.

'Stay still!' I shouted in a strangely manly voice, Eliza froze, not sure whether to trust my aim as I swung my bat down.

It connected with the creatures head and dinted it good. Blood and bits of it's brain splattered my uniform, hair and face. I grunted in annoyance and pushed Eliza out of the way as I kept bashing my bat into it's skull.

'Die you filthy bastard! Die!' I roared gleefully. I was sick... very sick. But this place was too. Students eating eachother... killing eachother... if thats not sick, I don't know what is!

'Melonly... stop... more are coming...' Eliza whispered, her eyes welling up with tears as she clutched her snapped wrist. I stopped and glanced around, I saw around twenty stumbling our way.

'Eliza... get behind me.' I snapped.

'Why! I would never be protected by a weakling like you!' She growled.

'Don't argue with me, idiot! To want to die!? You can't fight with a broken wrist you arse face!' I shouted immaturely. Eliza shuddered, blinking a few times at the fierce tone of my voice.

'But.. theres no way you can fight this many...' Eliza mumbled doubtfully.

'And theres no way we can do a hockus pockus music magic if you go and break you frickin' finger!' I yelled, my voice raising to a dangerously high pitch, 'our necklaces can't protect us this time! And that's your fault dumbass!'

'Shut up and smash their heads in!' Eliza shrieked as one flopped forward towards us.

Now... I'd have to be the resourceful one... we can't get out the sixth form door; some outside had heard us and were gradually nearing that exit. The double doors were unaccesable due to zombie in front of it... the only reasonably good idea was to get into the science block. There was a store room with a sturdy door and no windows. We'd be safe there for a little while until the pain of Eliza's hand kicked in; then she'd be crying...

That was the only way to go for now. I put a finger to my lips and shoved Eliza towards the science block doors, I held my bat up wearily. We opened a door each as quietly as possible and hoped for the best...

The End

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