Eliza's Skills

Melody nodded her head and quietly went to sit down on a bench to take everything in. I, meanwhile, was doing something useful and was rooting around in the office searching for some sort of weapons. It was a square room, with brightly painted walls and a cluttered desk. There was lots of drawings and photo's pinned up on the wall, all involving at least one of our two games teachers. I laughed a little as I saw a picture from one of our away football matches; we'd won and were having our picture taken, but none of us were ready so we all looked really funny. Thinking of some other memories to keep me happy, I continued my search.

I rooted through all the draws and bags, but the closest I found to a good weapon was a couple of used knives and forkes, and a basket of rounders bats. I sighed, knowing that we'd have to leave sometime soon to get weapons, food and water - before escaping back home. "Melody!" I called, wandering back into the changing rooms. She was sat in the same place as before, but looked much paler and weary.

"Eliza... We could be mauled by them... We're in great danger..." She stuttered. I sighed, then decided to speak my mind.

"Yeah, all that's true, but we still have a chance. We're both brave enough to kill 'em, especially with the necklaces. So shut the hell up and try helping me for once!" I dumped the metal basket down as I realised that I was getting quite loud. "Look. We have no weapons whatsoever apart from these, so if the bust in, we have to be ready. Now get off your ass, because at some point we'll have to get out to collect more weapons and, if we can, escape." My voice crept from it's harsh whisper to a shout, as I heard more scrambling and moaning from outside. Melody looked quite hurt but very determind once I'd finished my short speech.

"Fine." She said. I heard a lound banging noise and some more scraping, harder this time, and then more moaning and a big crash. They'd broken in. Melody and I looked at each other, before reaching down for a rounders bat each. We held them ready as they approched, and I was the first one to hit one. I brought my bat round and smacked it into the zombies forehead with my full force. It created a loud hollow banging noise, which just alerted more. I was just about to hit another when our necklaces started glowing. We grinned at each other, before going off into our own worlds to create music.

My finger hit a note which then proppelled me on to play Duke Special's "Last Night I Nearly Died". Melody's voice thrashed out in the gorgous jazzy voice of Duke himself.

Can't put this off forever,  I've got to tell you sometime,

But when I try and say it, My mouth just gives up and dies,

I loose my meaning, And I get this feeling...

Last night I nearly died~~

But I woke up just in time~~

The song carried on until the end, and when I opened my eyes, the zombies were all dead. I love that feeling. I gave Melody a tug and we ran out to find some more weapons.

The End

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