♪Melody's Refuge♪

Down the tower block we went, slipping and sliding on the bloody mess that was the school staircases. I had to keep on swinging on the banisters to steady myself.

'Eliza! Changing rooms!' I half asked, half ordered. Eliza nodded and we were soon headed in the direction of the place which may of may not've been a sanctuary for us. I would have closed my eyes but if I did, I'd probably get killed. Not that I would care... I feel like crap. I must have gone insane from the shock.

I cannot believe I just threw some poor souls insides at Eliza! How sick can one person get? But back to the present predicament, what the hell was going on; and what was with everyone? Eliza had gotten me saying they were zombies... but zombies aren't real. They only exist in horror movies. And that is where they should stay, right?

Maybe scientists were creating a biological weapon and it somehow got out and infected everyone? That seemed like the most logic approach to the situation.

'Melody! Get in!' Eliza roared, shoving me head first into the changing rooms. I fell over and Eliza darted into the PE office, then grabbed a pair of keys with which she locked the door.

'We should hide in the shower cubical's. That way they can't see us.' I nodded, as though I was the most intelligent person in the school (which I certainly wasn't).

'No... I noticed that they only paid attention to us when we were either screaming, laughing and making loud noises as we ran. Whenever we slowed down and were silent; they didn't seem to pay attention to us. I confirmed my theory when we were both perfectly quiet as we approached the changing rooms; I pushed you in and yelled, only then did they seem to move in our direction.' Eliza babbled quietly, she said it all so fast I had to strain my eyes to hear. She folded her arms and looked pleased with herself.

'So they can only get us if we're noisy?' I whispered, shocked.


'We should still hide.' I muttered, pulling a bobble from my wrist and trying my gore-laden hair up in a pony tail.

'No, if we go over there, our voices would echo.' Eliza retorted.

I sniffed and said no more. Eliza seemed to be growing paler and paler by the minute, not in a creepy like-the-monsters-outside way; but in a way that gave me the impression she had just come to realise the situation.

'It must be a biological weapon.' I whispered, sitting down on a changing bench, 'my big brothers always going on about conspiracies in the govornment and how they are creating secret, military weapons and stuff.'

'But... they don't look human.' Eliza said in a faint voice.

'It'll all go back to normal soon!' I insisted. But I was convincing myself more than Eliza. I had no idea what the heck was going on and I was actually terrified. More than I let on. I was so scared for my friends, my family... even the people I didn't know. I pondered over their being "zombies" as well and whether it hurt when they died...

I just want it to blow over! Just blow the hell over!!

The End

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