Eliza's Close Shave

I grabbed Melody's hand and sprinted through the smashed-in door, jumping over dead zombies. I was half dragging Melody but had to let go of her to dodge an incoming zombie, but she just stood there, which made me have to lean in and snatch her before the zombie closed in.

"Dude, get a hold of youeself! Zombies are attacking and we need to get the hell out of here!" I shouted at her as I dodged yet another zombie. She said nothing back to me - there was just the sound of moaning in the background.

"AARRHHHGG!!" I screamed as a zombie got it's stubbly arms around my neck, I tried to push them off but he, it, was too strong. I started kicking it, but that only made it even angrier as it lifted me up and opened it's mouth.

If only these damned necklaces would work with only one of us, then I could play a peice and hopefully bring Melody back to reality. Luckily I didn't need to. I got jolted backwards and on to the floor as Melody finally came back from outer space and gave the zombie a sharp kick in it's head.

I looked up and saw zombie falling on top of me, so I rolled to the side straight into some zombie guts. Nice. Suddenly I heard a laugh and spun round, only to see Melody laughing her head off. Okay, maybe that was the wrong phrase, but she was pretty much wetting herself!

"Oh, what are you laughing about now?!? There are zombies everywhere!" I exclaimed.

"You...You're...Completely covered..In zombie guts!!" She stuttered in between laughing.

"Oh yeah! Lets see how you like it, eh?!" I said, remembering our dislkie for each other. I scraped some of me and ran towards her, splattering it all over her blouse and tie. Melody gasped and flung some at me, but it flew over my head as I ducked.

Soon, Melody and I were in stitches looking at each other, but I soon stopped as I realised we were surrounded by zombies. We looked at each other and ran. The only reason we didn't use our musical talents was because the necklaces didn't glow.

There must be someone controlling them.

The End

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