♪ Melody's Melody♪

I stood there, feeling a little dazed. I, we, had just blown our school nurses head of with none other than. . .music.

I snorted. Eliza looked at me, shocked, I always did this in awkward situations. I was eventually on all fours, laughing my head off.

'Melody! Shh! Please, what if the other. . .things come after us?' She hissed, putting a hand over my mouth.

There was a bang on the door.

I stopped giggling instantly as a sickly pale face peered in, their mouth was dripping with blood and their uniform was drench in gore. I whimpered.

After about two minutes, there were about twenty of them scratching and banging on the door, moaning and hissing. I was stood perfectly still.

'Why can't we do that thing we just did now again?' I whispered.

'Maybe because were in denfinate danger?' She guessed, 'the classroom doors here are pretty sturdy, so I think were okay...' The lock on the door snapped and they all tumbled in, 'or not!'

I screamed and my nacklace glowed the weird blue again.

Eliza tapped the air, the high-pitched note rang in my ears. I nodded at her

'Go, Melody! Sing!' She urged me.

I nodded again and opened my mouth for the second time today. But this time, Eliza didn't play a song that I recognised, it was feirce and harsh, her fingers hit the air with force.

I had no idea what to sing! The infected people had stopped, but if I didn't sing soon they'd regain their strength and. . . I think the only pleasent way to put it is eat us.

My mouth opened without my permission and the words came spilling out of my mouth.

'ahh~ You don't have any right to be here! I'll blow you away, away and away until your just ashes, ahh~ I'm going to sing until my life span is down, I hope you understand why I have to do this~

Your life is over, but yet your still living, ahh~ I think I can say it safely that my life is a war, my life is a war and it can't be over until I die. This world is a conspirisy and your memories are lies!

AHH~ You  don't need to say anything (not that you can) because you need to be delt with. I'll blow you up up up up up and away into the deep blue sky, you'll burst through the clouds and never see another day!

Your life is over~....'

I stared in horror as I regained control over my body. All of the infected people were lying on the floor, dripping in scarlet. I was panting and I felt lightheaded.

'Get a hold of your self! We need to run, idiot!' Eliza yelled.

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the infirmary.

Ah, so this is it. The day it all ended was the day I finally gained the confidence to sing.

The day it all ended was the day I felt better than I had in a long long time....



The End

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