Eliza's Music

The nurse - now a zombie - crept towards us, arms outstretched, moaning loudly. She had thick, grey-ish skin, pointed teeth, and white eyes with the only colour being her black pupils. Melody opened her mouth to scream but we both get distracted by what was around our necks. The necklaces were glowing, mine turquoise and Melody's a mysterious blue.

I was about to comment on it, but a strange feeling took over my body. I suddenly felt very drousy, the only thing I wanted to do was play piano. As the feeling completely took over, I raised my hands to piano height, with Melody's queeries mumbling in the background.

I was playing A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, my favourite piano song. As my fingers danced across the imaginary piano, I could feel Melody's body doing the same, only she wanted to sing.

"Go, Melody, sing..." I told her, and for once she did what I said. Melody opened her mouth and sang beautifully, even better than Vanessa Carlton to my ears. I dragged my eyes away from her, back to the zombie nurse.

She was weakening. She stopped walking and was facing us, about to charge. I braced myself for the pain, but it never came. I heard a bursting sound and looked - only to see that we'd just blown a zombie's head off! I stopped playing as we came to the end of the song, as did Melody.

"Wow! That was awsome!" I said, back from my trance. Melody just nodded, looking bewildered.

The End

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