♪Melody's Fright♪

I spun around when I heard the door slamming.

I noticed Jacky was gone and I gasped. Eliza looked too and raised her eyebrows.

'Looks like someone didn't wanna come to the infirmary!' She said sarcastically.

'Uh.'I grunted, 'now were late for class.'


We stood there for a second, basking in the quiet atmosphere. But I broke it by pulling out my necklace and putting it on.

'So thats yours?'She asked.

'Yup. Nice isn't it?'

'I guess it's only right I put mine on too.'


It was a awkward convorsation n=because we never really talk much because we dislike eachother. So neither of us new quite what to say.

I jumped when I heard some yells and screams, there was also a loud roaring noise that sounded like screamo-music. I shivered and peered out the door.

There was no one there, but I could see numerous people running down the towerblock. Eliza hadn't made any attempt to move, she just stood there looking scared.

'Could it be a gun-man?'She whispered. I shurgged, my eyes were wide and my ears were hearing things that weren't real.

'Should I go out and check?' I hissed, I grabbed the doorhandle but Eliza clutched my sleeve and pulled me back.

'Don't go! Don't leave! You could get hurt!' She mumbled, letting go of her hand. I stared at her. Then nodded. 'Melody, please lock to door!'

'Mmm. I think thats I good idea. It was probably the safest thing to do seeing as there was still screaming and growling.

I picked the keys up off the nurses desk and locked the door.

'Umm... Eliza? Where did the nurse go?' I asked, terrified. I dropped the keys after I locked the door and whimpered.

'What-- Oh crap!'Eliza cursed.

The nurse appeard from behind one of the screens, her arm was bleeding and she was panting. Her eyes had turned compleatly white with the only colour being her pupils. Her teeth had elongated and were slightly pointy. Her mouth was set in a idiotic slump. Infact, her whole body was slumped and clumsily set.

'Eliza! What the heck happened to the nurse?' I cried. We backed into the wall, shaking like a couple of old engines.

She began walking towards us with sluggish movements, dragging her legs and such.

I was about to scream for help when my necklace glowed a eerie blue. . .


The End

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