Eliza's Necklace

I heard a scream. No-one screams around here. I picked up my bag and ran to the corridor. Someone was crying and clutching their bleeding wrist - then I realised it was Jackie, a girl in my French class. I ran over to help her then noticed who was with her... Melody.

"Jackie, it's me - Eliza, from French. Come on, lets get you to the infirmary... Melody, Melody, Melody. What have you done to her now?" I said, leading Jackie to the nurses room. Melody started calling after us, and then caught us up. Great.

We made it to the infirmary, but only just. Jackie collapsed onto the bed when we got in, still clutching her wrist. The nurse looked a bit flustered to be honest; I don't blame her though - three Year 9's bursting into her room all at once, two bickering and one crying and bleeding. Melody and I sat down whilst jackie was getting checked out, arguing all the time.

"What are you doing here anyway, Eliza? She's my friend, not your's!" Melody whispered.

"I heard screaming and came running to see who it was. Jackie's in my French class anyway, so I know her kind of well. You see, I'm nice! Unlike someone I know..."

"Oh, shut  up! At least I'm in the top set for languages!  So whilst I'm away in France, you'll be stuck here, probably working for someone!"

"Oh yes. Because I really want to be all stuck up and smart like YOU!" I replied, raising my voice.

"Well, at least I'm not some loner--" She started

"Girls, girls! Stop squabbling! Gosh, your acting like 6 year old's! Oh, that reminds me - you're Eliza Richards, aren't you? I have a gift for you. I was delivered to the main office, but they were too busy to give you it, so they asked me to do it." The nurse finished patching up Jackie -- who we'd forgotten all about -- and handed me a small box with  a grand piano and a key on it.

I smiled then opened it. The box contained a necklace with the same piano and key on it, but the key was studded with what looked like Emerald. I smiled to myself - it was probably a birthday gift from my piano teacher - she knows I love Emerald because of the colour, and of course, it's my birthstone. I clipped it on, then wondered what Melody was getting from her bag.

"I have one just like that; but a quaver note instead of a piano and key..." she said in a small voice, pulling it out of her bag. I was about to reply, but got distracted by a noise. The noise of a door slamming.

Jackie was gone.

The End

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