♪Melody's Quaver♪

I opened my kicked-in locker, sighing heavily. I pulled out my school books and shoved them into my sling-bag. As I fished out my french book, a little black box fell out of my locker.

I picked it up. It had a musical note scrawled in the front. Pah! Music was something I really didn't care about. I lifted off the lid and peeked inside.

It was a necklace. A necklace with the same music note as the box. It was studded with little blue stones which looked suspisiously like saphires. I shrugged and tossed the jewelry carelessly into my bag. What was with that? Probably a gift from a boy. Not that I'm popular among them. Just average(but you never know! I mignt have got lucky!!).

'Melody?' A familiar voice called out, it was my friend Jacky... she looked very pale and she had dark circles under her eyes. Also, her actual eyes looked a little. . . silvery, 'ah, I thought that was you! Can I walk to homeroom with you?'

'Sure.' I smiled, I inspected her face closely, 'Jacky... are you feel okay? You look a little ill.'

'I'm fine!'She grinned, almost wolfishly. It looked as though she was baring her teeth.

I put a hand to her forehead, she snapped at it.

'Woa! I was only checking if you had a fever!' I grumbled.

'Sorry...' She whispered, 'I don't know what came over me-- AHH CRAP!!'

She started screaming and crouched down, clutching her wrist which had a badnge on it.

'Jacky! Jacky! Are you okay?!'I shrieked, shaking her shoulders. Her head spun round and her eyes her pure white with a tiny pupil in the middle. I gasped and fell back.

She blinked and her eye went back to normal. She was crying and clutching her bleeding hand. Her teeth her a little more pointed than usual and what was with her eyes?

What the hell is going on here?

The End

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