Opal Spectrum: To the Backup Database

Opal was walking down the route south of Cerulean City. She would need to pass through Saffron City. Maybe she would stop in at Silph Co. once she got there. Mostly to check the security guards at the building if anything suspicious was up again. It had been a few years since the Rockets tried to take an assault on Silph Co.--effectively holding the entire city hostage.

Opal had heard some talk about people suspecting Silph having been a front for Team Rocket anyways. There is a chance it still is a front. Opal needed to be careful.

Opal thought for a bit--then pulled out her P*DA quickly. She hit Wizard Rotory--a phone application she had installed onto it. She dials up the number for Prof. Oak's laboratory.

Typical, it rings four times before Prof. Oak picks it up.

"Hello? Who is it?"

"Oh hi Professor Oak, this is Opal Spectrum. How are you?"

The voice was crackling on the other end, "oh, hi Oppy--no need for fomalities. Call me Sammy. I still remember teaching you in class. How are things? Sounds like you are on data phone."

Opal sighed--Professor Oak was like a mother to his students at school. Opal was only a recent graduate of the researcher classes. Opal kind of wondered why Prof Oak tended to use mostly girlie type phrases and talk--but he tended to be the most caring of the professors there.

Opal shook her head and got herself back together, "Uh, Prof--Sammy... there were some ruffians that have starting causing issues in the Researcher's cabins in Cerulean. Bill, Scouter and Greg have had people ransack their labs looking for a crescent moon Pokemon of sorts. We are not certain if they want a Lunatone or a Cresselia however they may make use of the Pokemon Creation tool we have been working with."

Prof Oak make a static type hum on the other end, "I will keep my eyes peeled."

Opal continues, "I am heading to Vermilion City to see if the backup database for this has been tampered with--or really bothered. Next I am heading to Viridian City--to check if the main database has any major issues to it."

A bit of static on Oak's end, "so, I see--well, I will ask if Officer Jenny would like to hang out at my lab--just to be safe. You think they are interested in the Create A Pokemon project?"

Opal switch the task to some of the DNA and RNA chains she was working with CAP on right now, "Yes--there is a chance that they may try to make use of these tools."

Static from the other end fizzled, "have you checked the patent systems?"

Opal sighed, hitting up Greg's PokeGear to get a confirmation picture that he was okay. The GPS coordinates he was giving showed if he was moving, "yeah--I have Greg heading down to the Patent Offices to check who all has made requests on the system's schematics. He is investigating them now."

More static on the other end, "okay--this should work for now."

"Also, contact the other Profs--look for any data coming in on such Pokemon. As well as any incidents in those regions on people investigating them. Also open a channel to the Research Lab in Orre, Fiore and Almia."

"Alright--well, hopefully it is nothing. I send a few youths off today--I would hate to see them involved in this."

Opal sighs very heavily again, "yeah--anyways, bye Sammy"

"Tootles." says the static on the other end before a click.

The End

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