Opal Spectrum: Plot

Opal walked up to Bill's cottage door. Banged on it several times. Dammit--she had just been around back to make certain all wiring was standard. "William! Get your butt..."

Opal trailed her thoughts off again. Bill may have been doing a lab experiment again. Heaven help her, if he had fused himself with another pokemon, again--when she was going around to make certain his wiring is standards compliant.

Opal opens the cottage door--carefully. Scared to see what state she may find Bill in. Relieved to see he was merely unconscious--like he had taken a blow to the head. Working with a Pokemon Researcher was fine for Opal. She was one herself. However working with Bill, who was also a Pokemon maniac with a seemingly oddly consistent stroke of luck for getting fused in what did not, in anyway, resemble a teleporter--which he insisted was one.

Also William had tried to get her to check the wiring inside that thing, via a panel that requires entering way too often for her own sanity. Opal knew the one reason a panel would be on the inside of that thing--and did not want to end up in Bill's photo collection. Which usually was kept tasteful... but embarrassing all the same.

Hence why Opal went on one of the longest wiring runs she has ever made. Even heading to the Kanto power plant for it.

The Cerulean City cottages to the north of it--by the bay, were a favourite location for Pokemon Researchers, like Opal to hang out at. Opal's being a bit further into the forest.

Still Opal needed to remain social... lest end up as twisted as the man that was now sprawled out on the floor.

Opal quickly scans the situation for hazards, then once assured she will not also end up in a similar state... or in that "teleporter" Bill works on, she runs to Bill's body. Picking up his head, "What bloody well happened?"

Bill tilts foreward, a little wake, "gee--it is funny. Some hooligans were wanting information on a crescent moon Pokemon."

Opal looks at the twisted man, "like Lunatone or Cresselia?"

Bill shakes his head, and starts to get up, "no idea--these seemed well... less than competent really. Almost like they had no real data to go on, but that question."

Opal gets up, dusts off her jeans, and looks to the door, "Well, whoever they are--they are rather polite. They closed the door, and this place does not look any more ransacked than how you usually have it. Any idea where they are headed to next?"

Bill still a little dizzy says, "I think Vermilion--maybe Viridian?"

Opal opens the door and heads out, "well, we have a backup data base for Prof. Oak's Make a Pokemon Unit in Vermilion city. I should probably head down that way, to ensure no tampering has happened."

Opal looks at her four pokeballs, as she leaves Bill's cabin. In one a rather carefully bred Buneary. In the other a carefully bred Torchic. Then she has a Ralts and a Misdrevious in the others.

Opal has not gotten a chance to train these, apart from being bred to have strong values and egg moves. What better time than now to start? Opal looked at her back pack. Mostly just standard researcher stuff. Maybe the odd item to deal with exhausted Pokemon--but she really was not expecting much for unavoidable conflict.

Opal sighs and just looks south as she gets ready to walk to Vermilion City, "well, another chance to maybe talk to some less creepy people."

The End

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