Skye: This is it!!

I awoke with a start, and immediatley looked at the clock. The time read 6:45. "Yes!!," I said aloud, jumping out of bed. I threw the covers back onto my bed and grabbed my hairbrush. I brushed through the knots in my hair and tied a red ribbon around it. I grabbed my favourite t-shirt, a plain red one with a picture of a pikachu on the front and its tail on the back. I grabbed some jeans and got dressed quickly.

I ran downstairs into the kitchen. "Mum! Mum!! I'm fourteen!!" My mother walked drowsily into the kitchen, "Can I open my presents now Mum, pleease?!"

"Have you had your breakfast yet?" I shook my head, and glanced down at my feet. I really do hate my mother's routine. I'm absolutely forbidden to do anything before I have brushed my hair, got dressed and eaten breakfast, and I'm never allowed out of bed before 6:30. I smiled to myself; I no longer needed to follow the routine, after today I will be free! I thought to myself. I wolfed down my breakfast and ran straight to the living room.

My mother was sat on the sofa, reading a book. When I came into the room she glanced up at me, before returning to her book. That's anotheer rule: no disturbing Mum when she's reading. I stood awkwardly in the doorway until she settled her book down. "Now Skye, calm down. Your brother phoned last night," my heart sunk to my stomach. I knew what was coming next. The news that Cameron, my older brother, was too busy to come over from Viridian to see me on my birthday. Oh well, I thought, I can see him soon anyway! I smiled again. My mother handed me a gift. "So he sent your present to the Pokemart, here you go," She said handing me the parcel. I ripped open the parcel and, sure enough, there it was. My first pokeball. I opened it up and out came an Eevee. The pokemon looked nervously up at me, and I bent down, holding my hand out for it to sniff. After a few seconds, Eevee started to smile and jumped around me, rubbing its cheeks against my bent legs. I scooped it up and held it close. It felt so warm in my arms and I could feel it settling into a comfortable position in my arms. My mother allowed me to open the rest of my presents all at once, and Eevee jumped around as I did so. I moved all my presents up into my room, except a few which I placed in my rucksack which I slung over my shoulders as I ran out of the door shouting "I'll see you later, Mum!"

The End

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