Chome: Disapointment

I was in the front line of the crowd clear disapointment shown on my face, I turned around and that dammed pokeball fell out my pocket again. I swear the thing had a mind of its own! I started crawling around on the ground until I finally stopped it from rolling and got up now in beside the girl with her pokemon on the fritz.

"Ah hi." I said showing her the poke ball.

"Stupid thing keeps falling out of my pocket." I say nervously as she looks at me strangely. I shut up trying to walk away as younger kids came running by.

"You found Ghastly?" One says talking to the girl but somehow knocking me over at the same time.Stupid Brat I think with a look of disgust on my face.

"Oh sorry didn't see you there." He said , I wanted to get all angry at him but then I would look like a total idiot. Seriously i'm taller than him how can he not see me.

"Its fine." I say keeping my tone civil so I thought.

The End

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