Venonat stopped and looked over it's shoulder, I popped my head out of the flower bed I was looking in.

"What's wrong Venonat?" That's when I heard someone yell,

"I found Gastly, he is over here!" I jumped up and picked a twig out of my hair,

"Come on Venonat!" I bent down in mid run and scooped the little fuzz ball up in my arms, setting off on a brisk run towards the sound of the voice. I skidded round the corner in time to see a Swinub use tackle, I was about to yell stop but it was too late. I moaned as I saw the Swinub fall right through Gastly's body, like I had said normal moves just... well went through him. I moved in front of the fight with Venonat next to me and put my hands on my hips, glaring at Gastly. I watched as Gastly tried to sink away through the wall.

"Hold it right there mister!" I said pointing a finger at him,

"What in the world do you think your doing?" I heard someone call Swinub back and gave Gastly a look.

"Stay!" Venonat went over the Gastly and stare at him. I spun round with an apologetic look on my face,

"Hey! I'm really sorry about that. Is your Pokémon ok?" The boy glanced at Gastly and back at me. He nodded and said,

"Yeah, he's fine." He bent down a rubbed the pig Pokémon fondly. I felt a chill down my spine and turned round to see Gastly inches from my face, it stuck out it's tongue and licked me. I shuddered and grabbed the ball of gas, narrowing my eyes. I saw Venonat looking rather shocked and guessed Gastly had done the same to the fuzz ball.

Gastly grinned at me and I couldn't help laughing out loud,

"Ok, I think you've caused enough trouble. Got it?" Gastly nodded and floated next to me. I turned round to face the crowd that had gathered, Oh great. I sent a pointed look a Gastly who drifted slightly away from me looking sheepish.

The End

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