I reached to top of the hill and sighed as I neared Pallet Town. It would be good to see everyone again. I hadn't been home for a few years and this was quite refreshing. Smiling, I pulled one of my pokeballs out and threw it into the air.

"Come on out Taillow!" I called out. Once catching the pokeball as it fell back down I put it away and held out my arm as Taillow landed on it. "Can you see it? We're home Taillow!"

"Taillow!" Taillow said happily as she took to the sky. Chuckling I started running underneath her.

Once we reached Pallet Town I took a deep breath and called Taillow back down. She landed on my shoulder and I looked around the familer town. As I began walking through the market place I heard a voice.

"I found Ghastly he is over here!" I spotted a boy who looked as if he had also heard the voice and began heading in the direction the voice came from. I glanced at Taillow and she flew off a head of me. I followed quietly behind.

The End

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