I walk along the word quite peacefully seeing pallet town coming into view. I travel for variouse reasons mostly because I want to see the world the other is to find out some clues to my history. My mother died young and my father had left so I was left with a younger brother when he was only two years old, I was six then so we where fostered by incredible foster parents but my heart yearned for adventure so I took off as soon as possible. Everyone had thought I was going to be a pokemon trainer. Fat chance!thats why my father lost his obsession with pokemon was apparently more important then his family. It made me angry everytime I thought about pokemon or him.  I begin to walk at a faster pace by my self inflicted anger, something falls out of my pocket. with a ' click' I look down its a poke ball that I had aqquired only a few nights ago.

I was sitting at inn when a cloaked woman sat at my table.

"Are you Chome Driles?" She asks.

"Yeah, who are you and why are you here?" I ask.                  

"I was sent this a month ago with instructions to give it to you." She said giving me a pokeball.

" Do you know who it was?"

" I can't tell you but I'm suspecting you think it is your father. Am I correct?" She asked.  having me completely shocked, how would she know?"

" Ya who else would send me these useless things!" I say angrily.

" Well it isn't your father, I can tell you that much because your father is jail."

"I don't care."

"Wasn't expecting you to be. On a side note I would watch your back Chome. People are going to be after you."

"Why?"  But she had quickly had left for the door. I followed after her but she was gone.

Since then I have been debating with myself what should I do with this accursed thing?  I picked up and put in my pocket in my jacket. I'm gonna send it to Kine once I reach Pallet town. But then the words "I would watch your back Chome. People are going to be after you." Came to mind I didn't want to bring any trouble to him, maybe I should just sell it, but then the store owner would be in trouble.

"AAAH! I hate pokemon!" I scream so loud I swore it had shaken the leaves on the tree.   A few minutes later I had reached pallet town , and was passing a market place where there was a lot of racket and commotion was being made.

" I found Ghastly he is over here!" A girl shouts. Huh pokemone trainers, Having problems, This could be funny. I think to myself heading in there direction.


The End

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