Alex: Finding

"Bye, Mum" I yelled, as I prepared to close the front door "I'm going to explore Pallet Town"

I had just moved to Pallet Town from Mahogany Town, much to Grandpa Pryce's dismay. I was excited about challenging gym leaders and mum was glad to be out of the cold.

The Kanto Professor was called Oak. He could give you any unevolved pokemon, to be your starter. Being descended from Old Man Winter, I went for a Spheal. I did not need a starter pokemon after grandpa had given me a Swinub as a good-bye present, but the more the merrier.

I wandered into a nearby market place with excitement buzzing inside of me, I had a hand over each pokeball. I approached one of the stalls, when a cooked chicken began dancing about in the oven.

"Haunted bird!" sceamed the cook, running for her life. As soon as she left, two sets of eyes appeared on the oven glass. Something invisible had been playing with the chicken. It was a pokemon.

After finding out it was a Ghastly, it stuck out its big tongue and licked the side of my face.

"That's it. Go Swinub!" My pig pokemon landed on the ground and grunted at the ghost pokemon. As I commanded a tackle, I heard a female voice shout

"I find Ghastly. He's over here!"  

The End

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