Lucinda- Missing

I sat down on the grass and narrowed my eyes at the Pokémon that was fidgeting in front of me,

"I know you know where he is." I said, the Pokémon looked around not meeting my eye.

"Come on Venonat! I don't what to have to pay for whatever he breaks again!" I said giving Venonat a look. She looked up at me with her big red eyes. I sighed to myself and patted her on the head,

"Come on, let's go find him."

I guess I should start from the beginning.

Hi, I'm Lucinda. I'm 12 years old and a Pokémon trainer, I have two Pokémon at the moment Venonat, who was the one I was just talking to, and Gastly, who for some reason has decided to go and cause mischief. We're currently heading towards towards Pallet Town to restock on supplies and I have a feeling that is where I'll find Gastly.

I got up and picked Venonat up, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her close to my chest. I looked down at Venonat,

"OK. Which way is he?" Venonat pointed towards the town that we were going to,


I began walking towards the town and hopefully towards Gastly before he caused some real trouble.

We came towards the entrance to the town and I spotted a couple of new trainers hanging around, their Pokémon playing among themselves, there was a Growlith, Ralts and Cyndaquil.

I put Venonat down and walked up to them,

"Hi there! You haven't happened to see a Gastly have you?"

"Gastly?" I looked at the girl who had the Ralts hiding behind her legs, I nodded and fumbled with my bag. I pulled out my pokedex and flicked the screen open, I scrolled down the list until I came to #092.

I held the Pokedex up and pointed at the picture,

"This is Gastly, he's a ghost Pokémon."

"We don't see many Ghost Pokemon..." The only boy said. I nodded and said,

"Yeah, well Gastly is always up to trouble. Anyway sorry to cause you trouble." I turned to leave when the girl with red hair said,

"Are you from the Jhoto region?"

"Yup! I'm Lucinda and this is Venonat," I said pointing down at her, "Nice to meet you!" I smiled.

"I'm Amanda and this is Cyndaquil" She said kneeling down to stroke her Pokémon on the head.

"I'm David, and this here is Growlith." He said pointing towards himself and grinning, Growlith barked.

"Hi, I'm Addison and this is Ralts" The other girl said picking up her Pokémon.

I shuffled from foot to foot and glanced down at the floor,

"Do you think you could help me find Gastly?" They all nodded,

"Uh the only problem is that he doesn't like strangers so if any of you find him you might have to battle him, but normal moves wont work they just go right through him. He can use Lick, Night shade, Hypnosis and Confuse ray so be careful. If you do get in a battle Venonat will hear and I'll try to get there as soon as possible."

"Venonat!" Venonat said in her high pitched voice.

"Don't worry about it! No one can beat me a Growlith!" The boy said grinning. I smiled and winked,

"Thanks guys! Good luck!" I picked up Venonat a ran to look for Gastly, so did the others.

The End

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