I watched wide eyed as the boy chased after his Pokemon. When the boy was out of sight I sighed. Apparently I have a traveling partner now...I was snapped back to attention with Professer Oak's cheery laugh. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Well sir, I'm ready for my Pokemon." I said very cheerful smiling widely. "I want a Ralts" I finished putting my hands on my hips. Professer Oak shook his head lightly and nodded.

"Okay, let me just punch that in." He said pushing a few noisey  buttons. I couldn't wait to start it was going to be great. I watched as a light started to form and then a Ralts appeared.

"Raaaalts" It said in the signature sing-song voice that a Ralts has. I smiled and bent down happily. "Hi Ralts," I whispered cheerfully. It looked up uncertainly and I smiled.

"I  know we're going to get along great!" I smiled and got up. I then remembered the boy I was suppose to meet at the Town Gates... "Well I said Time to get going." AS I took the Pokedex Professer Oaks offered and put my new Ralts to sit on my backpack I was off to the town center and the start of a new adventure..

The End

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