David: A new friend

I grinned as growlith looked around and came up to my and started sniffing my hand. He started wagging his tail. 

"Hey There Growlith im your new trainer. My names David." I said with a grin

"Growl-Growlith" Barked my Growlith. 

"He seems to like you, take care of him. Oh and heres your complimentary Pokedex.  Be sure to scan every pokemon you see. It'll help my research you know.." Said Professer Oak. 

"Yes professer" I said with a smile on my face. 

Then i grabbed Growlith's pokeball and started out the door before i saw a girl standing and waiting patiently. I walked over to her.

"Hey, listen, i dont really know you all that well but im going to need a traveling compainion...I'm not that good at taking care of myself yet" i said excitedly but a little nervous.

Then i saw my growlith start running outside and i started after him. 

"Meet me at the town entrance kay?" I said grinning then i saw her nod nervously and i ran after my growlith. 

The End

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