Addison-A New Adventure.

"Addison! Get up!" I heard my mom call from downstairs. I rolled over and looked at the clock. It was still pretty early. Then I remembered today I get my pokemon! I quickly sat up and wiped the goop from my eyes smiling. It was going to be amazing.

I got up and practically ran toward my dresser. Pulling out some overalls and a tee-shirt. I quick as I could pulled them on and slipped on some shoes. I stood up and looked at in the mirror on the back of my door. I looked over my appearence with excitment.  I would soon be on my way on a new adventure.

Still smiling like a fool I ran down the stairs and walked into the kitchen all big and proud. My dad was sitting at the table drinking his coffee and mom was making waffles.

"Addison, about time you get down here your going to be late."  my wonderful mother said turning around with a plate with a few waffles on them. She lightly put them down in front of me and another in front of my dad.

"Hey dad, you know what today is?" I said with my mouthful so it came out slightly distorted.  He smiled and laughed lightly.

"Addy, at lest finish your mouthful." He started but then I happened to look at the clock. I was going to be late! I got up and waved.

"Love you guys!" I called not waiting for their reply. I ran all the way to Professer Oaks. "It's okay! I'm here!" I shouted running into the building. Professer Oaks was right then helping another boy from town get his Pokemon. Looked kinda like a Growlith. I smiled lightly and waled over to the machine and waited while smiling widely.


The End

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