David: The Start of my New Journey

I woke up smiling brightly, yesterday had been my tenth birthday and in pallet town that meant that it was time to go off on my own journey. I hurried out of bed put on a t-shirt and jeans, and grabbed my dads jacket off its place of honor near my door. 

I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door. Near my house the Dudrio was singing his morning song. Such a racket! I dont know why anyone would choose THEM to sing the morning song. 

I got up the path quickly getting to Professor Oaks house. Running as fast as i could. I knocked loudly on the labratory's door. After a few minutes a dazed Proffeser Oak answered the door. He was wearing his usual lab coat and had a cup of coffie in his hand.

"David what are you doing here so early? I was just about to go feed the pokemon..." He asked 
"Proffessor Oak, Yesterday was my 10th birthday! I'm here to pick out my first pokemon!"  I exclaimed loudly.

  Proffessor oak groaned then invited me inside. We walked through the hall, past the observation room, and the room where they keep all the pokemon transfered to proffeser oak, when we finally got to the Creation Machine.
 It was huge, it had different levers and valves all connecting to one central computer with a spot with an open pokeball. 

"So, what pokemon were you thinking of having? And remember it has to be one that hasn't evolved yet, as its very important to my research so i can study pokemon evolution" said Professer Oak with a calm voice

I grinned " I want a MewTwo! I'll absolutly DOMINATE all of the gym leaders" I said 
"No, we don't have enough data to offer legendarys" Said Professer Oak with a grin on his face.

`"oh fine..hmm..." i said thinking then it dawned on me "I want a  Growlith!" I said excitly

Proffesser oak seemed to be about to ask me a question then saw the serious look in my eyes and typed in growliths name in the computer.   A beam of light shot out from the tube and into the pokeball. The pokeball closed quickly.

 Professer Oak took the ball and opened it up. A red light swarmed out, then standing on the floor was my new partner. A small Growlith. 

The End

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