Here We Go Again

We decide to set a place for a picnic for us to meet our Pokémon and for them to sort of get along. Seeing how the battle with Piplup and Shinx was going on when we met it seems that the odds are not in our favor. I do hope that there won’t be any fights because I would really hate to leave my brother because our pokemon disagree every second.

“Come on out guys” I yell as I throw my pokeballs into the air. “Shinx,” “Turtwing” they both say. “Your awesome” I say while I hug them, they both look like they are well behaved Pokémon.

 I am amazed and surprised that I got both of the Pokémon from the professor. I doubt that it happens very often. “What shall I nickname you two?” What disturbs my train of thought is the sound of bubble popping.

 I turn around and see my brother running away from Piplup who is using bubble beam at him and yells “Kira, help me.”

I smile and say “let me enjoy this scene for a bit more.” He yells lounder “Please,” I smile harder and take out my pokedex and find out that both my pokemon are males and piplup is a female. Well that’s rare Piplup are mostly male pokemons like Turtwig, I guess either my brother is lucky to have a female piplup or is just unlucky. I also notice the pokemon moves that they have.

Turtwigs moves are:

Tackle, Absorb and Razor leaf.

Shinx moves are:

Leer, Tackle and Charge.

And Piplups moves are:

Bubble, Bubblebeam, Pound, and Peck.

Its seems that each moment on my pokemon journey turns more interesting.    

I quickly find nicknames for my pokemon. Shinx will be known as Charge, and Turtwig will be known as Leaf. Yeah! Those sound like cool names.

“Leaf use Razor leaf at the bubbles” I scream and the bubbles dissolve. “Thanks” my brother sais. Then Piplup turns red like a cheri berry. She is about to use peck but then my brother sais “Piplup return” it seems to work but then Piplup gets out of the pokeball and starts pecking my brother.

 Oh dear I think there matchup trainer and Pokémon will be interesting, “Help,” he sais “it’s more hurtful than bubblebeam.” Really I wonder why?

Although I enjoy seeing my twin brother struggle I am the only one allowed to hurt him.

Oh dear here we go again. 

The End

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