Myles: The harder they fall...

The rain was just clearing up when I set off for the next city in order to earn my first gym badge. I'd heard of Terry; the gym leader of Galliard City and ground pokemon expert. If anyone was going to teach me how to become a master, it was her. I'd heard of her unique tactics and flat-out brute strength. It seemed to me that her and I were quite alike.

"C'mon Dundee" I called, forcing my moody Totodile to stop playing in the puddles, "we better get outta this town before all of those twerps from the lab catch up with -"

"Hey! Myles! Wait up!"

"Oh for crying out loud" I muttered, turning to face a girl with short blonde hair sprinting towards me, with a friend struggling to keep up. "What do you want?"

"Hi there" she beamed, undeterred by my angst "You're one of the trainers from back at the lab, aren't you? Would you like to tag along? I take it you're going to Galliard City as well" her proposal stunned me longed enough for her friend to catch up with her. I made up my decision just by looking at him weezing, desperately struggling to catch his breath like a frail creature.

"What would I gain from travelling from you weaklings? Apart from a migraine and a murder sentance"

"We're not weak" the girl grinned, "and I bet I can show you. Let's have a battle!" Through my fits of laughter I saw her release a Chikorita from it's pokeball, which if anything made me laugh harder.

"Ha, a'rght, I except your challenge! C'mon Dundee!" Our two pokemon then squared up and stared into each others eyes, both awaiting an order, "I'll let you go first, after all, you'll need an advantage"

"Alright then! Use Growl!" the Chikorita made some sort of noise that caused Dundee to slink back, ruining his offensive stature.

"Bite attack!" Dundee sunk his teeth into the Chikorita's leaf with what should have been a mighty force. Instead, Dundee was merely nibbling on his opponent. His attack had barely done anything!

"Whip your head around to make the Totodile dizzy!", the Chikorita proceeded without showing any sign of weakness. Eventually Dundee was flung the length of the battlefield, landing on his back with a thud, "now Razor Leaf!"

"What?! NO!" I screamed as Dundee struggled in vain to stand up. With near perfect accuracy the leaves bombarded every inch of him. Everyone knew the result even before Dundee had hit the ground. Looking back now and remembering the guy I used to be, it seems my defeat had been inevitable.   

The End

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