Kira: My Late Adventure Begins with Alexis

Beep, Beep, Beep. I walk over to my alarm clock not remembering today is my day, and head back to my bed. Ahh my precious sleep, but it is interrupted by my older brother "Hey K, don't you remember what day is it today. I respond half asleep "a day where I get to sleep in" and smile at my witty response, "wrong, today is March 16 your tenth birthday dummy or did you decide to sleep on that too."

What's so important, in a swift movement I jump out of the bed scurrying around my room grabbing the clothes that I had prepared for today, I remembered last night I couldn't sleep due to the excitement. "Oh, so know you remember" said my brother, "couldn't you wake me up earlier, I can't be late the Pokémon will be taken by then." He begins to laugh and I look at the clock it sais 6:45, "you changed my alarm, Alexis." "We can't be late to see the proffesor can we" I throw a pillow at him before I take a shower.

Me and Alexis are twins, and I am the eldest which gives me the responsibility of looking after him. Luckily we don't have the same tastes in Pokémon, he likes water types and I don't.

As soon as I finish my shower I add a few last minute things in my bag, once I am done I go down stairs to eat breakfast. My parents are in the kitchen the food smells delicious, I see my brother eating everything that came to his plate. They both give us presents me cute boots that are for everyday where, and my brother this universal watch which also has a map.

My parents decide to wish me and my brother good bye at home, because it would be too emotional for them to come to the lab. Almost everyone went a week ago but me and my brother are late babies so we had to wait.

The professor was waiting for us already "Hello, today you will embark on an adventure that will change your lives forever. You will meet new friends, Pokémon and meet rivals on the way. I wish you the best of luck, chose your Pokémon wisely." He has a cart and there was one Pokémon Chimchar, then I feel a bump on my leg I look to see it’s a Turtwig. Then my brother asks “where is Piplup?" We all walk outside and see a Shinx and a Piplup fighting, poor Piplup it will lose the battle because Shinx is an electric type, at the end of the battle Shinx did win.

The professor asks us "Now which one will you pick?" My brother responds "I chose Piplup, he is a brave little guy" he turns to face me "and you?" I am still undecided, but I think I will pick Turtwig; it was the only one which grabbed my attention. "I pick Turtwig," then he looks at me and said "are you sure?" "No, I think I will take Shinx."

He simply nods and puts Piplup, Turtwig and Shinx in Pokéballs. And hands me two Pokéballs and a Pokédex, what two Pokémon "Life is to enjoy with Pokémon, and you will find yourself with them. Pokémon are our companions, you chose both and I will give you both."

My brother nods as he is given his Piplup with his Pokédex. "Kira, Alexis if either of you are interested in battleling in the Pokémon league, look for the nearest gym. Which names escapes me you need 8 gym badges to participate" Pokémon gyms and Pokémon league, I look at my brother and both nod.

Once we get out of the lab I yell "Pokémon league, here we come!" I am curious what my future has in hold with my two new partners Turtwig and Shinx.

The End

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