Kylie: Building a Team

The town was lovely, from what I saw of it before the rain had settled in. The houses all looked cozy with flowerbeds out front, and the glowing lights looked warm and inviting. But it would be a while before we visited them, Jay and I were stuck inside the Pokemon Center for now. I turned from the glass doors to look around the center.

A large counter stood in the center of the room, Nurse Joy stood behind it to welcome the trainers and tend to the pokemon. I took Chika out of her pokeball to let her roam around a bit. Jay took out his pokemon too. Both pokemon took to exploring the center, they seemed to get along well. I went to sit over by the window, putting my backpack on my lap.

"I hope the other trainers are ok, that storm came on really fast!"

"Yeah," Jay muttered, the sat next to me. "How did you know it would rain?"

"I could smell it, couldn't you?" I remembered the breeze that had carried the distinct smell of rain with it this afternoon. Jay shook his head.

"Not until we saw those flying pokemon." He said.

"Speaking of pokemon." I said suddenly. "We should go out and catch some tomorrow. I bet the other trainers already got second pokemon for their teams! Chika hasn't gotten the chance to battle yet, and I want to train her up before we get to the next town!"

"Oh yeah, isn't the first gym in the next town?" Jay said. I nodded, then pulled out my map.

"See we're here, in Gracidea Town. I guess that explains the flowerbeds I saw outside the houses. Next there's Galliard City. That's where the first gym is. I think it's a ground type gym, so we shouldn't have too much trouble, right? But we should look into catching mire pokemon, the leader is bound to have more than one." Jay nodded again. I turned back to the window, the rain seemed to be lessening a bit, i could see shapes through the mist, but it was rapidly getting dark.

"I guess we're going to have to stay here tonight and explore the town in the morning. Let's see if we can find something to eat!"

The End

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