Starlya: A Wild Trainer Appears!

Starlya let all the others go ahead of her on their little Pokemon quests. She didn't see any need in having to rush after them all and stick with them. It wasn't always speed that made you the best Pokemon trainer and she was in no rush to get caught up in fights with Pokemon double her pokemon's level. She was going to take her time and level up her Pokemon so that by the time she reached the gym leader, she wouldn't even need to flinch.

she sighed, making sure her backpack was adjusted and pulled out the map. It would make a lot more sense for her to head through the tall grass to the gym so that her Pokemon was stronger and she could catch a bird Pokemon. The sooner she could teach that Pokemon fly, the better it would be, that's for certain.

She patted her Eevee on the head and headed to the lab doors, pushing them open and stepping into the blinking sunlight. She smiled. This was going to be the best day of her life and nothing was going to ruin this for her. She began making her way through the town and out to the tall grass that led the way to the routes she had to take. She paused, certain she could see a Pokemon up ahead.

She held her Eevee back anPeebles out her pokedex, scanning the Pokemon and smiling a little. Easy. A pidgey. That was definitely the Pokemon she wanted for her team. "EEVEE, USE TACKLE." The Pokemon made a nod with her head and rushed at the lodges, tackling it by surprise and knocking it over into a tree. It sat there dazed as Starlya used her pokeball and caught the Pokemon before it could fly away. "Yes!" she exclaimed happily.

She put the pokeball on her belt and carried on heading in the direction of the town, her Eevee turning along happily beside her. She didn't notice the trainer heading her way until she bumped right into him. "Hey! Watch it! Be careful!" she told him, scowling.

(this should be the trainer that hasn't arrived at the gym yet because we planned to pair up?)

The End

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