Ignalo: Furreting Around

It was already raining by the time everyone left, but it seemed like not everyone was there to begin with.  I remember someone saying something about a sixth trainer-to-be.  Also, where was the professor during all of this?  Was he out with the last of us?  Shouldn't he be here monitoring his life's work?  Any thief worth their salt could walk in, steal a pokemon, and leave without alerting anyone.  Though, this would never happen so easily.  

I pondered on the following as I watched Jurroon slick back his wet fur.  We had just reached a bit of dry earth that a weeping willow guarded.  We were both soaking wet, and neither of us liked it much.  Lucky for Jurroon, he didn't need to wear clothes.  I sighed as I took off my beanie, and rung it out.  If it wasn't for this tree, I would have made a fire.  Unfortunately, I had no other choice, but to endure the freezing cold.

Jurroon was finally done fixing his fur when he noticed my, near naked, figure.  He was deeply confused, or disturbed.  I couldn't really tell.  He then walked over to me, with a smirk on his face.

"Sha sha sha..  Ott oshawott."  Jurroon said in a smug manner.

"Hey now!  I'm not the water type here, you are."  I grumbled.  I don't know why I said that.  I don't even know what in the world he is saying.  It sounded like he was patronizing me, but I could be wrong.  Though, from the few hours of being with him; this would fit the little guy.  I muttered some more under my breath.

It was then that I heard a sound from nearby.  I stood in just my boxers, and stared in the direction of the noise.  A knothole in the tree held the sound, a family of sentret.  One hissed at me as they could not flee.  This was their last stand, and were ready to fight for each other.  I watched Jurroon ready his shell.  It was curious to see this little guy think that he could use it as a blade of some kind.  Curiousity, wasn't going to let a family be torn, though. 

"No, Jurroon.  Not now."  I told him.  He was reluctant to not fight, but my order was absolute.  He obeyed, without a word.  I put on my wet clothes again, and left the dry sanctuary.  Why did I stop him?  I needed a new partner.  Not that Jurroon wasn't qualified for the job.  A good trainer catches all sorts of pokemon to become one of the best, a Master.

The rain seemed to just get harder as we walked on.  Though I blamed the rain, at first, I could hear random cries.  One in particular took my interest.  I looked to see diglett at play.  It wasn't them that peaked my interest.  It was the random sound that sounded after them.  I listened closer, with Jurroon listening with his shell.

"Diglett dig! Diglett dig!  Furret!  Furret!  Furret!"

I raised my brow until finally I understood the sound.  A furret had been playing with the diglett, making it blend with the mud.  Suddenly, the muk-covered furret noticed me, and sprang at me.  I don't know if it was attacking, or just having more fun at my expense, but I was tackled to the ground.  I guess I lost conciousness after that cause I woke up a while later with Jurroon, and the furret staring at me.

"Fuurrrrrrrrrrret!"  It cried as I sat up.  It scurried around me as if it was happy.  I looked at Jurroon for an answer.  He only shrugged.  I noticed that the rain had finally stopped.  What time was it?  Finally the furret stopped, and nuzzled my cheek.

"Hey!  Stop that!"  I said pushing the silly pokemon away.  It wasn't going to let that stop it.  Of course, how can you stop a six foot long furball?  As if on cue, a pokeball fell from my belt as I struggled with obnoxious thing.  The furret found another toy to play with as it started messing with the ball.  This led to its rather uneventful capture.

"Please don't change, Jurroon.  I can take you over Karen."  I sighed to the otter pokemon, who was rather disappointed by the lack of battle.  Karen was safe inside her ball.  I doubt I will need her out much.  I don't want to be tackled again.

The End

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