Myles: Legend

"Look Dundee, it's starting to rain", my new Totodile looked overwhelmed with the rain beating against his spikes and scales. He began running around; splashing in the mud and gleefully spraying a parliament of Hoothoot that had just avoided the worst of the weather. His eyes lit up with such joy. I hated joy. But this blue crocodile appeared to be the only happy creature I couldn't despise; so that meant we needed a team mate.

"Dundee, use water gun on this burrow" I announced smirking, "flood out the inhabitants". As it turned out the pokemon hole lead to a mighty network running under the route filled with unsuspecting pokemon. I studied my trophies.

"Diglett? no...Sandshrew? Nah...Oh, a Nidoran! Ah its a female...hey! Dundee look at this" I gripped the trembling pokemon and inspected its claws; they were brutal. Clearly this pokemon was good at digging, but those claws would also be efficient at ripping off faces. With barely a struggle the Drillbur was caught by my pokeball.

"I think we should go to Gracidea Town now" Dundee looked at his feet and mumbled something under his breath. I set off walking and he stuck to me like glue. Clearly he deemed loyalty higher than fun; that would serve him well on my team. "I like Gracidea Town, it was in a story book I read when I was younger." I could tell Dundee wasn't listening, but I didn't care "When father would stay out late to 'work' and mother was crying, I would read the book and the pokemon of Gracidea Town would make me feel better, especially the legendary hero Shaymin" I noticed Dundee had stopped splashing the mud and catching the rain in his mouth, he was listening to my parents never did, a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach motivated me to get to Gracidea Town as soon as I could. It wasn't because of the rain; in fact that had stopped, I just needed a moment in a room where no-one could hurt me. Where no-one could see or hear me. I began running, no not running, sprinting. Mud splashed my face and me hair clung to my face, but I didn't care. Nothing was of importance in that moment, except for one thing. The white flash that crept in the shadows and sprinted in the sky. The creature that appeared before me, just like in my story.      

The End

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