Jay: The First Night

The forest was getting darker and darker as night started to fall. It was a little early, but the clouds were overshadowing the horizon, making it an early twilight. They were getting closer too. I could see exactly why Kylie said to expect rain.

Mostly we wandered through the forest. I was eager to catch more Pokemon, but there seemed to be so many trainers near the path that the Pokemon were scarce, nervous around so many people. Maybe after the wave passed, we'd have better luck with finding and catching more Pokemon than the two we had. The grass type and water types we had were pretty strong in a team. I was all for teaming up, we would be able to protect each other's weaknesses and be unstoppable!

As it got dark, I pulled a flashlight out of my backpack, keeping it trained on the path so we wouldnt lose our footing. I thought I could make out the lights of the town ahead of us, and so tried to pick up the pace.

"Wait." Kylie grabbed my arm. "Look at that." She pointed. Rising from the trees, in front of the moon, which hadnt yet been covered by clouds, was the biggest group of flying bug pokemon I'd ever seen. Butterfree, Beautifly, and Dustox were descending into the trees, preparing for the rain that was approaching fast.

"Lets head to the pokemon center." Kylie said, she could see the lights through the trees too. Watching our step carefully, we made it to the clearing that housed the town and the pokemon center without much mishap. Just as we reached the door, the rain began to fall hard and fast. Visibility dropped in seconds.

"Well, glad we made it before that struck." I said, grinning.

The End

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